Steno Showdown: Field Notes versus Write Notepads

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24 thoughts on “Steno Showdown: Field Notes versus Write Notepads

    1. Gary

      I’ve also used the Forest Choice steno, but for the $ there are better options I think. Also have the Ampad steno-likes in my arsenal, from Staples ‘natch. But gotta love these fat chipboard covers. Could drive a nail with ’em in a pinch, I swear. 😉

  1. Katie

    Great match up, recently discovered the pure usefulness of stenos and they may become my main notebook for choice. Only tried the field notes steno though.

  2. Jerry Eaton

    Thank you Gary for bringing the Write stenos to my attention….was aware of and used the Write notebooks but not the steno pads.

  3. Michael Simon

    The Write Notebook would be more useful for me. The size would work better, and the use of fountain pens on the paper are two big factors.

  4. Sam W.

    My partner and I are both avid writers, and once she saw the Steno on the Field Notes website she became very excited! Great review Gary, thanks for running this giveaway.

  5. Dr. Hans Noodleman

    Thanks for the helpful review Gary. I think I would go with the Write first, because of the FP friendlier paper…

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