$10 Fun: Goulet Pens Ink Drop

NOTE: You can now read my archived and current stationery reviews at Ink & Core. This specific review is now at https://inkandcore.com/2015/08/11/10-fun-goulet-pens-ink-drop/

Ink Drop August 2015 SelectionsIn the world of fountain pens, not much one does can fall under the “cheap thrills” category, but Goulet Pen’s monthly Ink Drop Club comes real close.

For $10 a drop, or month, you get five ink samples along with a nice bookmark, sticker, and laminated card with information about that month’s theme. If that weren’t enough, being in the drop gets you into a private page where you can score discounts on full bottles of the drop samples and some select pen goodies. Can’t miss bonus.

While I confess to having more ink bottles than I’ll probably use, the cool thing about the ink drop is the chance to serendipitously test inks you might not otherwise acquire. Short of attending a pen show or lucky enough to have a local pen-focused shop that lets you sample inks, this is the next best thing. Goulet does a great job of providing inks from a range of makers, some of which I’ve never tried before, which definitely adds to the enjoyment.

Ink Drop SwatchesI enjoy building my own ink swatches using the Maruman Mnemosyne card deck whose paper is ideal for swatching and ink testing using dip pens. Goulet’s Ink Drop samples are enough to test in any reservoir fountain pen, although easiest dealt with using a syringe versus dip-and-piston methods.

I do add, then drop, then add my Ink Drop membership since samples every month tend to overrun me…but it’s not long before I miss the drops and back again for three months! Ink Drop ArtAlthough I’m no artist with inks, there are plenty of folks out there who as a habit create beautiful art from each month’s drop selections. A sample of such artwork is at the right.

Whatever your ink preference, I think you’d enjoy the fun and surprise of the monthly Ink Drop. What a great way to sample inks without costing much, plus that dangerous Ink Drop Club discount doesn’t hurt!

Note: Goulet Pens did not provide the Ink Drop discussed in this review, but came from my own purchased Ink Drop subscription.