Pendleton Celebrates National Parks: America’s Treasures Notebook

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30 thoughts on “Pendleton Celebrates National Parks: America’s Treasures Notebook

  1. Robert Sacrison

    Maybe if we raise enough fuss about it, the NPS will relent and begin printing them for sale to the public?

  2. annaking

    Great new blog, Gary! And these notebooks are beautiful. I hope they become available for sale too. Thank you for this giveaway!

  3. meg1001

    Sigh. National Parks and Pendleton and paper all in one place…plus the chance to win one? sigh.

  4. Kyle D.

    I really like the aesthetic of these notebooks, and I’m looking forward to future posts on the blog. Fingers crossed!

  5. Gary

    Okay, it’s time! The giveaway is now closed to new entries. Thanks to everyone who commented and Tweeted. I will notify the winner shortly!

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