Tool for Ten Tasks

Ten for Ten!David Seah, a creative whose Mini-Emergent Task Planner I use every day, has come up with another useful and beautiful tool:  Ten for Ten!

Based on the concept of listing ten tasks to complete in ten hours, the sheet has a large check-off box where you can make a bold, conqueror statement with a fat marker when you’ve completed a task. Nothing like a good, tactile motion to tell that task, “you’re mine!” and spur you on to the next.

While one can get caught up in the tool and fail to complete the tasks, anything that motivates you, or makes it a little fun, to get something done is a good thing. I use his mini planner at work as a combination work journal/appointment schedule that I carry around with me from meeting to meeting. That combined with an iPad for reference and note-taking, makes for a lightweight, “everything” solution for me. And the paper mini-planner creates a log of work done over the past frew months that I can refer back to as needed.

Check out David’s site and explore his Productivity Tools. His unique, visually-attractive solutions solve different productivity issues quite well.

I’m always interested in what David comes up with, and this new Ten for Ten! is a nice addition.