It’s About the Bricks, Not the Wall

oflowI’m playing with a new iPad app called Oflow, developed by Tanner Christensen (App store link). It’s a creative inspiration app, much like a writing prompt. Gives you random prompts to re-energize your creative self back into producing.

The app’s sentiments and ideas aren’t necessarily new, but Tanner’s spin on them is often unique and the app’s ability to randomly deliver targeted-to-need prompts is, at times, eerily on the mark.

Take today’s creative jump-start:

Work on the bricks:
Forget about the wall that is in front of you, instead: focus on working on the individual bricks. What are the individual pieces or steps that are preventing you from moving forward?

Shows up at a time when I’m wrestling with launching a new site ( …coming soon!) and buried in 360° tasks around the concept. Nice reminder to step back from the “wall” and take it brick by brick. After all, that’s how you build a sturdy foundation.

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