Culture’s Breakfast: Ham and Eggs With a Side of Strategy

We all deal with the influence of cultures:  they’re in our business world, our personal lives, and in just about everything we interact with. Simply put, culture is the underlying common system and practices adopted through intentional and unintentional means. Or another way to say it is the current behavior, preferences, and/or norms of an entity.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast. – Peter Drucker

When change is necessary for whatever reason, success or failure usually depends on cultural acceptance, or at least, appeasement. And as expected, culture evolution is more probable and lasting when achieved from the bottom up, rather than top down. While management may desire culture change and attempt to influence it through a well-designed strategy, success usually depends on buy-in and failure can occur when forced.

Culture No. 1 MetricOne approach that may help you in dealing with any kind of culture change is to think of the people in the culture as customers, and that the path to success lies in delighting the customer. Use that as an acid test for any change element desired and if you pass, your chances of influencing culture change greatly increase.

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