Swimming the Sea

Photo by Gary. All rights reserved.

Seth Godin’s timely inbox wisdom today got me thinking about my own journey from avoidance to acceptance to embracing the beneficial act of networking:

“Strangers can represent opportunity. The opportunity to learn, to make new connections, to build bridges that benefit everyone.” – Seth Godin

I recently attended IABC’s (International Association of Business Communicators) annual World Conference in New York City. The conference and networking success surpassed my expectations, although being an introvert-turned-extrovert-when-needed my networking expectations bar is never that high.

After this conference, however, I’m feeling like Dick Fosbury, having breached the norm and finding a third way (at least for me) to navigate a sea of strangers: find yourself captive somewhere with lots and lots of people sharing your specific dream (passion, interest, etc.) and come away with new friends, connections, and opportunities.

Most tips and wisdoms on success in life or business point to one simply fact: we can’t do this alone. If you don’t have good networking skills or want to improve them, do whatever it takes to swim the sea and find some kindred spirits to help you on your journey. They’re out there, and you may discover they’re as interested in connecting with you as you are with them.