37 Clowns

Photo by onCue_5

Faced with too many things to deal with, what’s the best approach to controlling your to-dos versus them controlling you? Like 37 clowns in a car, when everyone knows a dozen are plenty, too much on one’s plate leads to the equivalent of snow blindedness: may be pretty to look at, all winter-wonderlandy, but dooms you to wander aimlessly making little progress.

There are as many task methodologies out there as there are shades of green, but to-do overload resolution is less about the process (although that can help) and more about saying no more often.

Like the overloaded clown car, we can only do so much…ourselves. Embrace the four Ds:  delegate, delete, defer, or dilute to keep your to-dos at a level you can deal with. When the focus shifts from losing sight of the importance of each worthwhile task to only seeing too many clowns in the car, then you’ll know it’s time to open the car door and kick a few clowns to the curb.

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