Time for the New Pig

New year resolutions:  I don’t abide by that process, although I do believe in the annual retreat review/reset of goals and objectives. So…isn’t that a form of resolutions? Yeah, probably. Likely just dressing up a pig and calling it a Pig.

Over the last week I followed my usual annual process of invigorated reassessment followed by a few cute forms for tracking the supposed new habits and pretending like the new tasks are norms in my life. Truth is I generally function under an umbrella of an organized framework by either being invigorated in the moment and thus do something I want to do that also happens to be something I should do, or I find intellectual distractions that keep me from the assigned task. Note that I rarely procrastinate on things that have to be done (in the sense of impending arms-length deadlines), but seem to have an internal taskmaster that schedules priorities by some mystical process my conscious self isn’t allowed to understand. And that’s probably a good thing, or I’d mess with the process and likely compromise the whole time-space continuum thing.

Part of me yearns to allow more serendipity in my life, while the logical side plots to create more charts and process flow maps. And lists. Gotta love those lists. List making is the ultimate “enjoy the journey” activity, since apparently most the pleasure comes from making the list not checking off the list items.

So this year will be different? Right. Resolutions (er, the Pig) will be obeyed, and resistance is futile. Right. I’ll get back to you on that one soon, but don’t loose any sleep waiting up for my report. It’s on my list, but who knows when I’ll get to it.