Christmas Spirit

I’ve ranted before about the uber-consumerism of the holidays, both from irritation about the season seeming to start earlier every year, to the stress of what overspending does to many folks who can’t afford it, yet feel the pull of the season. Yes, I know the government wants us all to spend, spend, spend to fuel the economy, but in the current climate that’s rather insane. Many Americans are in financial trouble today because of the excesses of yesterday, although clearly not all because of Christmas spending.

The reason for the season seems lost, the true justification for the gift-giving being religiously based. What happens if one is not religious? Then the reason becomes a gift-giving expectation with a touch of enjoying a time when people seem to be nicer to each other than usual. If all this is beginning to sound like I’m a Christmas Grinch, you’d be off target, but not totally. My childhood generated a lot of good Christmas memories, but truth be told, they were either gift-related or moments when our family got together in a festive way. The latter is a great reason for the season, the former a lousy one.

One thought on “Christmas Spirit

  1. I agree 100%. The Ol’ Man’s son came over last night with his new girlfriend; we hadn’t seen him since last year and it his visit was a special treat for these two island hermits. Part of the visit was holiday related and although no gifts were exchanged, we had a wonderful time. And that’s what the holidays should be about–spending time with the people you care about and not have the expectation to collect unnecessary loot.

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