The Joy of Tools

Being a natural-born quasi-geek, any task where I can use a cool tool is automatically enhanced. Well understood in the electronic gadget and software world, and even for hand and power tools. But snow shoveling? Yes, even there.

My house has more surface area to shovel than I’ve ever dealt with, and that fact combined with both a back that can’t take a lot of weight stress and a standard distribution flatish snow shovel, meant inefficient shoveling. I figured if I could find a shovel with an ergo handle and built to push, instead of dig and toss, then I’d be better equipped to survive the looming “winter of many shovelings.” Yes, logical justification to buy yet another gadget. And your point?

Photo at the right is the new bad boy. Key features:  curvy thingie between bucket and hand grip, oversized back end of the shovel bucket (for the plow effect), and a steel-strip bucket edge to cut through ice, forgotten garden hoses, and unfortunately, my yard at sidewalk’s edge. Guess come spring I’ll clearly know where my shoveling went off course.

The result? Well, I still know I had a workout using this shovel versus the flat one, but it took less time to clear the drive and walks, and I spent more of that time standing upright rather than hunched over. Now if it only had a GPS unit and a USB port…