Embracing My Inner Plant

I’m pondering a fairly radical lifestyle adjustment:  embracing my inner-plant and going vegetarian. A couple times in the past I tried this challenging choice with mixed success.It helps that I love vegetables, fruits, and nuts, and that I rarely eat beef, but on the dark side I’m quite fond of salmon, shrimp, chicken, and pork. Of course such a change would mean getting familiar with such plant family equivalents of the Addams Family as the oddball shown at right from my latest haul. Never eaten kohlrabi (German turnip) before, but am about to figure out how to cook this alien-looking member of the cabbage family.

My driver is not an ethical one. Statistics are out there to confidently support all positions, but I’m feeling eliminating meat (and eventually dairy) will significantly help some health issues I’m dealing with, and be of great help to losing weight, a long-term demon/monkey I’ve dealt with (among other benefits).

It’s not a path for everyone, and still pondering whether it’s the right one for me. I will likely start with a 2/5 approach that’s popular these days (two days vegan, five days usual). Whichever path I take, you’ll likely hear about it here on inkmusings, along with photos of the journey. Which begs an answer to this perplexing question:  if one says “cheese” when photographing people, what’s the smile-inducing trigger word when posing rutabaga? “Compost?”