Media Madness

I’ve discovered an interesting paradigm:  important news will find you, even when you avoid newspapers and TV media. Despite such a withdrawal, somehow the universe lets us in on things we should know.

Over the last three weeks I’ve enjoyed an absence of TV news, commentary, or newspaper journalism. I’ve elected to enact a media blackout for myself, choosing not to subject my thinking to the likes of negative news or biased beat-reporting. Missing cable or TV news hasn’t been difficult, since that wasn’t something I did much of, but avoiding the newspaper was a challenge. What’s a cup of nicely brewed Columbian coffee without The New York Times in my lap? Yet while abstaining, I manage to catch wind of important issues or happenings.

The result, so far, is a calmer mind, thinking that is less noisy, and, to be honest, no feeling of disconnectedness from the world. I used to believe that being constantly in-touch with what’s happening around the world made for a more well-rounded person. For some it probably has that affect, but I’m finding more time for real reading, and more focus-time on things I want and need to do without the usual noise and negatives from the news.

Have you ever taken a vacation where you were removed from TV and newspapers? Remember how refreshing that was, how freeing it was not having the constant drone of negative news and repetitive story day-by-day? My media blackout enjoys those feelings, but without the backsliding that comes when vacation’s finally over.

Will I keep this up? Hard to say, but so far I’m enjoying positives from removing my news exposure. I may slip back into the Sunday ritual of The New York Times, but if I’m wise, I’ll skip past the newsy part and catch the other good stuff in that $5 newspaper brick.