Winds of Change

I’ve hinted here before about some changes-in-progress, and much of that will become future blog-post fodder (and perhaps a new blog). But from the picture below, you can see one small change already in place: my new MacBook laptop.

macbook.jpgI finally took the first baby step to move away from Windows to the Mac, where life is simpler and, of course, way cooler. In essence, I’ll be using the Mac for my creative side:  writing, blogging, photography, personal development, general Internet usage, etc. My arthritic, quasi-trusty PC laptop will continue to be the production machine for the likes of Word high-end formatting, page layout work, spreadsheet crunching, etc., until the end of the year. By then I hope to put Bill Gates’ prodigy out to pasture replaced by an iMac, thus completing my defection and achieving computing political asylum.

The change was not that difficult for me since I used a Mac back in the 80s for graphic production work. Still, it’s a different mind set for even common tasks, so there is a learning curve, albeit fairly minor. The common thread through what I’m trying to accomplish with this and lots of other changes is to keep things simple and focus on the habits and the doing. The temptation is strong on the Mac side, however, for all sorts of cool programs, but for my purposes I’m trying to keep it trim, slim, and FAST. Whitey boots up ready to work in about 20 seconds, and opening programs is a couple of seconds at the most. Spoilingly fast.

In the end all that matters is productivity and enjoying the journey. Going to the Apple side seems to help both counts, at least for me. Besides, this new lappie matches perfectly with my new 30gb white iPod, making the two the equivalent of traveling with matched luggage as I nomadical write from coffee shops and cafes.

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