The day after the Great Flood of ’07 as its bound to be called since it’s officially the worst ever, opened with the normal sounds of traffic and people combined with the constant din of pumps running full-out up and down Main Street. Even though the skies are blue and its a sunny 74-degrees day so far, signs of recovery are everywhere.

My part of downtown is now dry, but walk a few blocks north or east and the roads are still under water. Saw a film crew from The Weather Channel at the bridge (debris shot below), the Coast Guard with rescue boat ready to launch at another spot a few blocks from downtown, complete with a photojournalist with badges hanging from neck and several cameras. Our little town has become a national spotlight, it seems. Been hearing from friends and family who’ve seen us on The Weather Channel, CNN, ABCNews, etc. Our unwanted fifteen minutes of fame continues.

Some shots of the aftermath below as the town rallies to get back to normal. I still can’t drive to see other parts of the city, but at least I can walk about now, high and dry. Oh, the plumbing in my building is now under “don’t use yet” moratorium, but the coffee shops down the street are willing to let us “visit” there!








2 thoughts on “Aftermath”

  1. Your photos of the Findlay flood are great — far superior to the ones in online albums that I was sent links to earlier today. And interesting text as well. I’ve directed others to your blog.


  2. Up until yesterday when I read your blog, I had never even heard of Findlay. Sounds (and looks) like a nice place.


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