Venice? No, Findlay!


I’m a witness to history, but not the kind any of us would wish for. We’re slated to hit a record level of flooding from the usually serene Blanchard River that runs through Findlay, Ohio. If you’ve been watching the news, you’ve seen the pounding we in the Midwest have endured lately. From near-record drought to record flooding.

Unlike most of the people I know here, I’m somewhat immune from the rising waters. I live on the third floor, my car’s on the second floor of a garage, so I’m merely a witness to the mess. And as I type this, the thunder continues and the rain is starting again. Yipes. Flooding in downtown Findlay is a rare event in these parts.

I was up this morning before dawn, and greeted by the eerie scene of street-lamp lit downtown street with a solid black ground – total absence of the usual sights of sidewalks, street striping, the normally recognizable signs of our downtown street at night. Once there was enough light out, I snapped these images. Tried to go outside to get street-level shots, but our front door is sandbagged and I don’t have rubber boots anyway. Not going out walking in this mess. Guess I’m not going anywhere for awhile!

Fortunately I have power (and Internet, obviously), bottled water, food, etc. Just have to wait it out. The river is still rising, expecting another foot at least before it crests later today.






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  1. God, what is wrong? We are dying for water here, under drought restrictions, and some folks are flooded. What’s te point of that???


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