More Scenes from the Life of Noah

Now that the sky’s blue again, I was able to venture outside and tour the neighborhood. Here’s some street-level shots of what may be the worst flood in this city’s history. As of 1 p.m., we were officially (National Weather Service) .05 feet short of the record. That’s a little over one-half an inch from the 1913 record flood. Our local measuring shows it a bit less, but what’s a few inches when the river’s seven feet above flood stage?

As for me, my office will be closed again tomorrow, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they close Friday as well. Lots of folks were hit by this, so it’s not just having the water go down in the streets and drying out the lobby. I suspect the weeks to come will be a lot of hard work for a lot of folks.




Finally…a good use for a PC! (cable-tied to the end of a pump hose)


My front door has seen dryer days…


How you can tell when the flooding has reached “serious”…

2 thoughts on “More Scenes from the Life of Noah

  1. Wow! I live in Wisconsin and we’ve just been getting slammed with more rain day after day. It has rained all week and there is terrible flooding west of us and also in some suburbs nearby. It’s quite terrible what water can do to foundations and buildings and roads. Eeep. Good luck! (I really like your blog as well, this is my first visit.)

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