Up, Up, and Away

Last night a friend and I took in one of the local summer festivals, the annual Flag City Balloonfest, eighth one, no less. Promising three days of “family fun, food, and entertainment” we opted instead for the “two hours of standing” on a nice summer night. Spending half our time people-watching, and the other watching balloon crews slowly get their bulbous buddies inflated for the grand illumination finale, we weren’t in a rush for either. After a long day of floating over corn fields and occasional towns, the crews weren’t in much of a hurry either. Ballooning at this level is not a sport where one hurries to do much of anything it seems! Maybe that’s part of the allure.

Photos below give you a taste of the activities, and in the last picture, what the waiting was all about: a long row of hot air balloons simultaneously firing gas engines to illuminate those pricey sacs above their heads. The illumination ended earlier than planned, urged to a close by an impending thunderstorm. And, since this is Flag City, what festival would be without Old Glory present, in this case down where balloons like to roam. Enjoy!








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