Blogging from Chicago

Blogging from Chicago…or more exactly, the Apple Store on Michigan Ave. Trying out the Macs with an eye towards getting one…assuming I can still run Windows (you can) to support old projects. Tried out the iPhone, almost bought it on the basis of what it does WITHOUT the phone part! Amazing. This place, the Apple Store, is a dangerous place. Suggest anyone with a weakness for cool tech toys stay away…far away.

Eating lots of incredible food, but fortunately walking my ass off as well! Doing everything by foot, and probably putting in 4-6 miles/day, although it feels like a lot more.

Serindipity highlight of the trip (so far) was stumbling onto the Newbury Library Book Fair, with some 100,000 books for sale. Those who know me are aware that books are opiate to me, so of course I had to stop and browse. Three hours later, a bag full of heavy books, and 15 blocks from the hotel! Not the best planning, but…

More when I return, the usual travel pix, and a report on our golf game Sunday morning (brother and I), at a course we literally just picked out of the yellow pages. Should be fun.

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  1. Sharon

    Ooooh! The Newberry Library Book Fair is one of the best, in my humble opinion. So many treasures to be hunted! It’s a classic (albeit it smart) Chicago event! I’m glad you stumbled upon it.

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