Move Along Now, Nothing to See Here…

For many years I’ve been faithful to my Cult’s cause, despite periodic bombardment from every corner of retaildom and the Web. The pull has been strong, but I’ve been well-trained, and steeled against backsliding.

Last night the last wave of fans celebrated at midnight, worshiping All That is Harry Potter, and gathering at the bewitching hourly one final time to bring yet another, albeit the final, overweight tome to life. For people like me, that is, charter members of the Cult of People Who’ve Never Read Harry Potter, we celebrated also. Our choice of fete, however, was remarkably more practical:  sleep.

You can’t help but admire the Potter legacy. Many experts credit the series with the revolution back to reading, more than any other book. That’s worth putting up with any hype if it gets people reading again. I’ve known as many kids as adults who faithfully kept up with the series, so its impact is ageless.

I cringe, though, because the Cult of People Who’ve Never Read Harry Potter’s work is not over. Prepare to be besieged by a wave of Life After Harry Potter:  countless author’s trying to cash in, or endless arguments over what series will be “the next Harry Potter.” As for me and my kind, we plan to celebrate exactly one year from last night, assembling at 12 o’clock (noon, of course) to pay homage to the absence of another H.P. book and the end of the series. Sounds good. I just hope both of us will show up.