Out of Tune

Nothing makes me feel the march of time more than thinking I’m up on current music, when in fact, I’m clueless. Young waitresses that insist on calling me “Sir” is another, but I digress.

Woody Allen on Ann Arbor store muralTraveling frequently yields some interesting perks, the latest nugget being iTunes freebies dished out by the likes of Continental and Avis. After my whirlwind tour of Houston and New Orleans earlier in the week, I had time today to sit down and use a few certificates to score ten songs. Thought I’d catch up on what’s new via downloads to my willing iPod.

If you’ve used the iTunes music store, then you’re familiar with how they feature the most popular downloads in music and videos. Sadly, or predictably if you’re getting the drift of this post, I recognized none of them. Zilch. Zero. Either my listening tastes have prohibited such gems as “Promiscuous” by Nelly Furtado, or “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkely (Gnarls? WTF?), or I’m really out of tune with what’s what these days, music-wise. No problem, I’ll check out the “new releases” instead of being lemming-like with the most popular scene.

Uhhhh….the only one out of the ten new releases I even recognized was Bob Seger’s new single. (Yes, that Bob Seger for you old-fart hippies.) Again, no problem, since there are plenty of songs from my time (translation: songs/groups I know) to catch up on. And so I filled my freebies with the soothing lyrics of Lyle Lovett, moody sounds of Lisa Loeb, and for good measure, an old 10CC classic, Dreadlock Holiday. Even threw in a few yucks from the Blue Collar boys to make sure I could laugh about all of this later.

So when I fly again and drive an Avis car during my travels, I’ll know what to do with the iTunes certificate rewards: dig into my past and download the tunes of fond memories. Out of tune? Nah, just tuned in to a different drummer.