What Path is This?

Mr. GnomeLike Mr. Gnome here, this week I feel like I’m wandering around with lantern in hand, trying to figure out what path I’m on (literally, not figuratively). I’m in Houston this morning then off to New Orleans this afternoon. Then Thursday I’ll make the loop through Houston back up to Ohio. All in the name of business, of course.

Have I mentioned it’s hot here? Been away from this kind of heat and humidity long enough to be thankful I’d forgotten how miserable it can be. But the suffering’s worth it to see some friends and my teenage boys! And did I mention it’s hot here?

It’s funny how the mind adapts to one’s surroundings. When I lived here I seemed to adapt to heat, humidity, traffic, and a density of humanity that now all seems other-worldly. Given some time up in slower-paced Findlay with almost no traffic jams and the briefest of rush hours, I adapted to that world rather quickly, including a deep appreciation for how the summer nights cool down (Houston summer nights are the same as their days). On quick visits back to Houston, I feel like a Stranger in a Strange Land, although I lived here for some 20 years. You’d think I’d be more used to this environment, but I think it’s more the mind’s ability to adapt and accept to wherever one is that makes a honest opinion of a place sometimes difficult. Which means, of course, we can’t always trust our own judgment of how good or bad a place is until we visit elsewhere and provide some concrete contrast for the mind to subjectively use. Makes me think that like seasons, occasional travel is a necessary activity to keep our minds honest.