Breaking Up is Hard to Do

No one would argue that technology has changed our lives. I’m old enough to remember doing things pre-Internet and getting along just fine. But it would be hard to image modern life without the conveniences provided by the Internet. Telecommunication enjoyed a similar leap in convenience and features, and who of us can now get along without our cell phones? Add to that portable digital phones, VOIP Internet phones, and it’s no wonder certain long-held traditions are in jeopardy of being lost for future generations.

Consider this modern-life dilemma: how do you break up with a girlfriend (or boyfriend)? In the old days, hanging up the phone in quasi-violent way produced a resounding click on the other end likely meant one thing: she/he’s breaking up with me! Today that tradition can’t be carried forward: how do you slam a cell phone down? Ever try to hang up with a digital portable phone? Yes, you disconnect, but the definitive noise indicating an intentional hang up is gone forever.

So today’s break-up-intendee has to resort to other methods. Dear John letters? Who writes letters any more? Dear John email? I suppose, but more than likely some spam filter would nuke it before the intended reads it. Technology wins again.

Given our techno-lives, I guess the ultimate “break up” ritual now consists of eliminating them from your email address book, blocking their IP address preventing them from visiting your blog, deleting their entry in your cell phone, and if you’re really nasty-bent, leaving rude comments on their blog. Effective, but hardly as instantly obvious as a good ole’ slammin’ of the telephone. Those were the good old days.

Before anyone gets the wrong idea, this was just a rambling thought with no connection to my situation.