Birds ‘n Beer

While browsing through my digital photo albums this weekend, I noticed a lot of attempts to capture our feathered friends doing bird-like things, which is not an easy task. As I was trying to create a montage picture during a brief trip to our island (Galveston), I inadvertently captured a nosy crow in flight. My original intention was to collect the beer, Moleskine/pen, crow sitting on the rail, a bit of ocean and palm trees, with Galveston’s scandalous Flagship Hotel as a backdrop. As serendipity would have it, the picture didn’t work as far as a collage, but to my later surprise I managed to catch the crow in mid flight. I couldn’t have done that if I tried, so it was a nice surprise when I finally got home and reviewed my shots on the big monitor.

What I didn’t catch here was the fat pigeon I made friends with while feeding him/her underneath my table with bits of crackers and rice. There were signs everywhere on the upper deck of Fishtales, a great Galveston eatery, asking patrons not to feed the birds (for obvious good reasons). But, being the rebel I am and unable to resist sad pigeon eyes, I slipped the little guy some tasty morsels and he hung around my table throughout lunch (gee, I wonder why. :smile:)

The rest of the photos in this toss-up post today are just a rag-tag assortment of birds I’ve captured in the past but haven’t had a reason to use. In most cases they’re adapting well to man’s environment while occasionally dissing us royally by sitting on our symbolic heads, etc. In all cases these are everyday birds, the commoners of the winged set. It’s easy to take pictures of peacocks or brilliant male cardinals and have a photo with a high oooh factor. I think it’s a much more interesting (and challenging) task to try and capture shots of common birds interacting with man’s world and adapting as only birds can.

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