Play Ball!

It’s that time of year when every baseball fan gets excited, forgets how their favorite bums played last year, and relishes the fact that for a few weeks at least, their favorite team is in contention.

I went to the opening day game last night to watch the St. Louis Cardinals whup up on my favorite Houston Astros. Since I’m out to enjoy the festivities and baseball, I don’t get frantic when the bums lose, nor obnoxious when they win (well…not too much). After last year’s Astros record comeback from nothing, I’m not sure I can take the stress again!

These images are a few I took, mostly before the game. I created a photo album (link at the right) if you want to see more of the festivities and a nice glimpse of our Minute Maid Park, one of the current string of new parks designed to get the fans closer to the game while including some quirks and twists like the old ballparks of yesteryear. (In our case, we have a “hill” in deep center field and very close left field bleacher which, unfortunately, home-run-bashing Jim Edmunds of the Cardinals found to his liking in the first inning last night. :sad:).

So enjoy these images and by all means, if you’re close to a major league park (or minor league), get to a game or two and enjoy yourself. But bring lots of cash: there seems to be a renewed attempt to pay these ballplayers salaries from the fan’s pockets. (I went by myself and it still cost me $50 for a ticket, parking, a dog, peanuts, and bottled water.) It ain’t cheap, but it’s a blast.

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