Finally Free

I’m tired…tired of coping and dealing with keeping up with the latest tech gadget, software package, etc. It’s clear that I’m not getting any happier trying to be the mind-numbed consumer of whatever Mr. Retailer puts on the shelf. Add to that a struggle with keeping my hair under control (I am growing it longer, but even with newly discovered “product” I can’t keep it under control). I should also mention struggling lately with a unnatural appreciation of girly things. AND to top it all off, I’m really tired of working just to earn a buck…when all I do is spend, spend, spend.


As of today, I’m denouncing anything even remotely reeking of consumerism, capitalism, societyism, you-ism-name-it-ism, along with some other, long-overdue changes. As evidence for my bold act of freedom, here’s my five-part plan:

  • I just gave noticed to my boss: “I quit.”
  • I’m giving all my stuff away to charity this weekend.
  • I have an appointment at 5 today with my barber to have my head shaved. Hair is the devil’s eyelashes, you know.
  • I’m heading off this weekend on a grand walkabout to points unknown dressed in a nice, silk robe-like thing worn only on holy days by a little Hari-Krishna grandma. It feels so nice.
  • Finally, I have an appointment next week with a Swedish doctor to see about changing things so my feminine side can truly be represented.

While some of you may think this is all crazy, rest assured it’s the path towards finally finding happiness for me. I wouldn’t suggest these changes for any one else, but for me they make sense.

See you on the other side!

Oh, and one more thing: what’s today’s date? 😉

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