Sometimes one stumbles upon a commercial enterprise that actually goes out of its way to preserve nature. Such is the case with Houston’s Beck’s Prime, a high-end burger joint that won the hearts of tree-huggers everywhere (especially in Houston) back in 1989 when they took extraordinary steps to not only avoid the usual land raping but committed to taking care of two ancient live oak trees at their Augusta/Westheimer location.

Tree experts date these trees somewhere between 200 and 400 years old. Each tree is well over 50 feet with crowns exceeding 80 and 100 feet (and root systems larger than that). The pair are likely the two oldest oak trees in Houston, and probably the biggest as well. As you can see in the pictures below with people as scale, they are grand old oaks still growing patiently with little regard to people or time. In the years since, Beck’s has continued its efforts to take care of the trees and they are thriving well despite the constant stream of burger lovers chomping and chatting underneath their majestic crowns. A nice place to spend an idle afternoon.