Love for Sale

teddy-love.jpgCupid may have filled his time sheet at full-rate fees yesterday, but today love is cheap. Everywhere you go it’s the same scene: heavily discounted, unloved, unwanted, undestined love-things for sale. Who can resist chocolate on sale? From the looks of some of the displays, plenty of people can (either that, or they over-gorged on choco-a-lot). And of course, there are the irresistibly cute orphaned hug-mes out there such as this sad little guy doing his best “pick me, pick me!” wave as I took his picture.

And sadly, no commercially based holiday would be complete without the near-immediate (do they at least wait until 12:01 a.m. out of respect?) pushing of the old to make way for the hurried stocking of the new. My local CVS pharmacy decimated the valentine’s card section today and begun putting up all things green. We’re a month away from St. Patrick’s Day (and all that silliness with green beer) and it’s already starting. I just got over suffocating on Christmas everywhere a few months ago. Sheesh. It’s enough to give an honest curmudgeon the rash.

One thought on “Love for Sale

  1. Joel

    Even the cars are into these sales. Aargh! And it’s still a year too
    early…. 😕

    Carpe Diem (seize the day)

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