Tripping on Shoelaces

Photo by Gary. All rights reserved.

Sometimes, despite one’s best effort, things don’t go as planned; well-intentioned lists of things to do end up like forgotten-to-tie shoelaces that can trip us unexpectedly.

Try as I may, I have to admit that my blogging habit runs in spurts, or more aptly, sprints. I write voraciously for a week or two, then like a distance runner who mysteriously hits the wall, I sit down on a curb to rest, only to come to my senses a week later and realize I forgot to get up and continue the race.

I could bore you into a nice slumber with all the reasons why I did something other than blog these last five or so days, but the truth can be more simply explained: life got in the way. As I’m gearing up to hustle freelance writing this year, organizing my working space, creating a site to extols the virtue of paying me money to massage words, and generally trying to shake off the idle bliss of the long holiday break, doing anything consistently is more of a challenge that it used to be. It seems the longer one falls away from the habit of being productive, e.g., getting up everyday early to prepare for the office, the longer it takes to get back on that flea-bitten nag we all ride called Routine.

Unfortunately the nature of blog readers is often fickle: post often and consistently and they sit at your doorstep like alley cats for the next handout; post irregularly and they fade like strangers in a bar you bought a round for when they discover you’re out of cash. But, one does only what one can, and in the grand scheme of things (translation: importance) blog writing is mostly an experiment, and consistent blogging a luxury.

There’s no doubt I vacillate on what I’m writing here with some days being thoughtful introspections while others days sharing stuff giggled up about some irony of life encountered. I’d like to say I know the broad subjects I’d like to write here, but my tongue would be getting in the way of the truth. I’d like to state that inkmusings is about “x, y, and often z” but again, I’m almost the last to know what I’m about to write.

The bottom line is that I write here for exercise, for strengthening voice, and at times, to entertain. I don’t write here under a deadline, threat of losing income if I don’t post, or with any pretense of impressing anyone (other than my worst critic, which is of course, moi). I do write here, however, because I enjoy it and see the long-term benefit of more consistent free-writing than I usually have in what passes for writing-for-pay on most days. And so for that reason I’ll continue, consistency be damned.

Years ago when I signed on at work and questioned how long the boss (translation: key man for the biz) intended to keep working, he replied, “I’ll work as long as I enjoy it.” And so I’ll keep going forward, hoping to remember to tie up my shoelaces often enough to write consistently and fulfill my goals for inkmusings, and put a thought or spark in the reader’s mind now and then. But most of all, as long as it’s fun to do so…

3 thoughts on “Tripping on Shoelaces

  1. Joel

    As a fellow vascillator(?) of blog-writing, I’m in whole-heartily agreement with you. Write for the money; write for us, later 😉

  2. Love your site! It’s a class act.

    I also appreciate your fresh style of writing, and always look forward to checking in — to catch your interesting take on things.

    Keep up the good work!!!

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