princess.jpgI’m always intrigued by the graphic and frequent tongue-in-cheek nature of signage and tend to capture interesting signs I stumble upon. Here are a handful of such visual stories encountered on recent walks. And yes, I’m taking the lazy approach to a post today, but at least they’re colorful!

The cleverly spelled Princess sign was on a residential garage (go figure) in Keene, NH; the dissappointing public street bathroom, alarming sidewalk sign, and the colorful Irish pub sign are from Bolyston Street in Boston; the dental arts sign is outside a shop on Newbury Street in Boston.





3 thoughts on “Signs

  1. The princess and toad sign is my favorite. I love signs, too, especially church signs in the Smoky Mountains — one I saw proclaimed “Holy Ghost fire: tonight!”

  2. Hi, I just found your blog panthergirl’s blogroll. Wonderful signage! I wonder how many people go into Newbury Dental Arts looking for a color other than white.

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