The Cloisters, Part Deux

As promised in a previous post, I hope you’ll enjoy these art and artifacts images taken inside the ornate rooms, chapels, and passageways of The Cloisters. Viewing these salvaged relics and inspiring works from the middle ages within the confines of a period-styled building is a much better way to experience how the stained glass windows, tapestries, and other artifacts were enjoyed by residents of long-ago monasteries and estate homes.

Although the evidences of a modern building were everywhere (including ever-present guards within each room or area, as well as warning signs about touching things which of course I did, and of course I got yelled at), one could still quietly slip back in time if only for an afternoon.

One thought on “The Cloisters, Part Deux

  1. Hey Gary, those pictures look great. I frequently went to the Cloisters with my girlfriend while I was still studying in NYC. Especially in summer this is a nice hang-out place!

    Greets from an old friend 😉

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