Christmas Moments

Before nodding off for a well-deserved post-Christmas feast nap (it’s a tradition, or at least it should be!), I wanted to post a few Christmas images from last weekend’s New York trip. While there was much to see in NYC of a holiday nature, the crowds were impossibly thick thus eliminating a lot of good photo ops. We even overheard locals exclaiming that they’ve never seen so many people on the streets.

Hope your day went well and Santa rewarded you properly for being good all year! I’ll be posting a lot more on the NYC trip soon, but for now, I’ll post these and nod off to my cinnamon-raisin-bread-pudding induced slumber.


Rockefeller Plaza tree and mob (we never got to see the ice rink…too many people with the same idea!)


Times Square holiday ad


Shop window elves from…Saks? (we couldn’t get near the Macy’s window displays…as in, didn’t want to wait in line…which looked incredible from the little we did see)


Rockefeller Center Atlas statue


Cartier’s big wrapping