Road Trip

roadtrip.jpgA long-time friend is coming into town tomorrow and I’m going to take some well-deserved (at least in my opinion!) time off from work and go on a little road trip to see the sights. While I’ll be in wireless touch during some of that time, I may not blog until next week. But I’ll have lots of pix from the long weekend to share and blather about, assuming the weather behaves and we see a bit of sunshine. A cold front is supposed to roll in on Thursday with a little rain and lots of clouds. The drop in temperature will be highly welcomed but it won’t make for digicam nirvana.

We originally talked about heading out to Lost Maples Natural Area, but I’m not ready for that many hours in a car! So instead we’ll take in some local goodies such as the Moody Gardens Aquarium Pyramid and Rainforest Pyramid, and hopefully (weather permitting) my beloved Texas Renaissance Festival (which sadly I haven’t been strong enough to go to yet this year, and most years I go 2-3 times). Regardless of what we end up doing it will be great to reconnect with an old friend, something I don’t do enough (who does?). See you on the other side.