oops.jpgToday was a typical travel day at the end of vacation. The usual goodbyes and promises of doing things missed were made, and of course the fine tradition of forgetting something upheld. As departures go it was typical and rather uneventful, and the plane ride home deftly dodged the incoming thunderstorms thus avoiding turbulence. Upon arriving at Bush Intercontinental in Houston things began to fade into the unusual. All the gates were occupied, so the aircraft parked on the tarmac and buses took the deplaning passengers to the terminal. That’s a first for me, at least at this airport. The last time I flew through Mexico City they bused us from terminal to aircraft as is their custom there (or was at the time), but I don’t expect that in Houston.

My dance with the odd was not over yet, however. When I got home and began the ritual of unpacking, I discovered this lovely shaving gel foam artwork in my bathroom. It seems my can of Edge Shaving Gel (Extra Moisturizing) committed hari-kari in my absence. Perhaps it grew sad and lonely or felt itself nearing the end and wanted to go out with a statement. Whatever the reason, it was a lovely shade of green and an interesting textural effect to my otherwise bland and plebeian bathroom. Cleaning up this work of art, however, was less fun that appreciating its artistic nuances. Edge Gel released in toto is rather gooey and took endless rinses before the soapy-slick residue was finally removed and my sink counter returned to its pre-vacation state. Let’s hope there are no more surprises tonight! A person can only handle so much excitement in one day.

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