A Quiet Place to Think

cemetary1r.jpgNot everyone is comfortable walking the hollowed grounds of old cemeteries, but it’s something I enjoy. A cemetery is definitely one place you can be alone with your thoughts, at least in a temporal sense. Whenever I visit major cities, especially those in the northeast whose cemeteries are really old by U.S. measures, I like to find the oldest cemetery and wander around reading tombstones and enjoying the funerary art. Finding the oldest as well as the most interesting headstone is an enjoyable time-consuming game, at least to me.

I’ve yet to meet many people who are comfortable wandering cemeteries, and I should explain my visitation habits only occur during the day (I may enjoy a cemetery but I’m not immune to the heebie-jeebies!). And I’m always careful of where I step and cognizant of what’s below, although it doesn’t seem to bother me. Sadly, cemeteries seem rarely visited except by the homeless looking for a safe place to sleep. I have on occasion been suprised to find a poor soul asleep behind a large headstone or small mausoleum. Sleeping near a grave is too creepy even for a veteran cemetery walker like me, but then I’m not living the desperate life.

I could go on, but I think today I’ll end with these photos from a recent trip to the Old City Cemetery in Galveston. Enjoy…if you dare!

cemetary2r.jpg cemetary4r.jpg cemetary3r.jpg

2 thoughts on “A Quiet Place to Think

  1. My father passed on his love of walking around graveyards to me, I’m afraid. We once lost him in Cambridge, MA, only to find him wondering around a small graveyard near Harvard Square.

    Your pictures are the brightest, liveliest photos of a graveyard I have ever seen.

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