Greeting the Morning Dimly

I confess to being a night owl, or at least I used to prefer staying up late and sleeping in. As father time’s influence deepens, I still stay up late and inexplicably rise at hours I would have formerly considered cause for questioning my sanity, i.e., 5 a.m. This week my son’s usual ride to high school is in the shop, so Dad here has to play bus Mom, and that means leaving the house by 6:30 or so. In the past, that would have included a lot of moaning, whining, and stumbling about for car keys. Now I’m already up, showered, and finished with the morning paper.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the quiet and stillness of early morning, especially the chance for some inner reflection and maybe even a little journaling before the intellectual pollution of the day begins in earnest, as it does every day on my commute to work. Part of me would enjoy shifting my work day to begin and end earlier. I had a friend long ago who worked a 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. shift as a systems analyst (before it was popular to do so). I thought he was crazy getting up that early but was always jealous that he had 2-3 hours after work to run errands while stores were still open.

I used to respond to this new insanity by starting with a hearty breakfast followed by some serious time wrapped in a blanket cuddled in my reading chair for a dreamy post-breakfast nap (don’t laugh, benefits of napping are real). THAT was pure decadence, something I thought inaccessible for the hoi-polloi. Lately though, I’m finding I don’t luxuriate with sleep as much as I spend the time catching up with online reading. Nap time has become laptop time.

As we age the common belief is that our bodies will need less sleep. I can’t tell whether I’ve reached that stage or it’s the affect of my new coffee addiction that’s fueling the expansion of my waking hours. Whatever the reason, I intend to try and make the most of it and and at least catch up on my musings here, if nothing else. Besides, if the muse fails me I can always doze off in a blissful post-breakfast stupor.

3 thoughts on “Greeting the Morning Dimly

  1. RE: sleep.
    According to my spouse, what happens as we get older is that our sleeping mechanism begins to falter. Thus, elderly folks seem to sleep less.

  2. Man, I hope that’s not how it goes. At the rate things are now, byt the time I’m 40 (31 now) I won’t need any sleep…. wait, maybe that isn’t such a bad thing after all.


  3. Such is the dichotomy of life, TG. When we’re young enough to have the energy to do things, we tend to lack the wisdom. By the time we’ve gained the wisdom, we sometimes don’t have enough energy! But at least it’s a level playing field and everyone gets to enjoy the big guy’s little joke… 😉

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